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Netease Yanxuan Standing Desk (Really cheap, <300$US, great stablity, quiet also, must recommend) (75cm to 123cm height)


Steelcase Personality Plus Chair (Its fine)


I use a Lenovo Legion y27qf-30 display for gaming, 8bit 1440p@240Hz, won't recommend if you want crisp motion without smearing. Mounted on an cheap BRATECK monitor arm, works well.


I run an Drunkdeer G65 for gaming (Hall Effect)

  • Case foam
  • PBTFans BOW keycap set (simple-icons-base)
  • Spacebar foam

For Code:

Tofu60v2 WK Spray-Coated Klein Blue + Brass Weight

  • PC Plate
  • Silicone Bowl Mount (60g)
  • Gazzew Boba BLACK U4T 68g
  • NEO x QK 1.2mm Milk White PCB stabs(205g0 housing, XHT-BDZ wires)
  • PBTFans WOB keycap set (simple-base)
  • Case foam
  • KBDFans TOFU60 carrying case

Another board:

Keychron Q1V2 Knob Edition

  • 3rd party POM plate
  • C3 “Equalz” V3 Stabs 205g0 + XHT-BDZ
  • Akko ASA profile keycap set
  • Akko Piano Pro V3 switches
  • 4 layer PCB tape + force break mod
  • 3rd party Poron + plastic sheet in case

Mouse / Mousepad



A X99 platform workstation PC (runs Arch btw)


  • Xeon E5-2667 v4 8c16t@3.2Ghz from taobao
  • Offbrand Chinese DDR4 X99 Motherboard with M.2 and gigabit ethernet from taobao
  • 2x8GB Samsung ECC RAM from taobao
  • RX590 GME (yes ik its a 580 rebrand but its cheap as hell <50$ on taobao)
  • 5Gbps USB3.2G1 3xtype-A + 2xtype-C PCIe card from taobao
  • 512GB M.2 Drive taken from acer laptop
  • 512GB SATA SSD from Lenovo on JD
  • 500GB HDD (unused)
  • Offbrand Dual-fan CPU Cooler from taobao
  • HKC Titan 600W PSU from taobao
  • Built inside an Sun Microsystems Ultra 24 Workstation case (ofc the dvd drive and fp IO doesn't work, removed Disk Bays)

A M2 MacBook Air from 2022 (16+512)


OS (Arch btw)


Visual Studio Code / Zed / LazyVim (depends on mood)


I jump between two fonts: Monaspace Argon / Fantasque Sans Mono


I use Alacritty

Apps (MacOS)